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InHome Doctor / Oregon Home Doc's physicians offer in-home doctor visits in Portland, Oregon, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Once a call is recieved, a physician will visit you within just a few hours. You will receive personalized service, in the comfort of your home, without the hassle of visiting a hospital emergency room.

If you happen to be traveling in Portland, Oregon and require a visit by a physician, we will even provide this service at your hotel!


  • No more waiting in the emergency room for hours waiting to be seen.

  • No more having to load the entire family in the car to go to the emergency room.

  • No more having to wait for your primary care physician who might not work evenings or on weekends and might not even have an opening to see you soon enough to suit your needs.

  • No more exhorbitant hospital emergency room costs.

  • No more exposure to emergency room patients with viruses or infections.

Decades ago, physicians in the United States all made house calls. At some point, it all changed. It no longer made sense, from a business standpoint, for a physician who could have multiple patients in multiple treatment rooms all at the same time and being able to bill multiple patients at the same time, to drive to see only one billable patient.

Many of you are determined to avoid the hospital emergency room or clinic and the physical, emotional and financial challenges you experience with that type of care. There is endless waiting in emergency rooms, often with little, or no communication from the staff about when you will be seen, or what to expect. Many complain about the astronomical fees rendered for seemingly minimal services, or the excessive testing used in the practice of “defensive medicine”. Emergency room overcrowding is commonplace. Their staff are overwhelmed and burned out and this is reflected in their interactions with you the patient. It is astounding, that medical care in America can be so scientifically and technologically advanced, yet patients still commonly find themselves alienated by their health care providers.

With InHome Doctor / Oregon Home Docs, you will receive prompt, personalized, compassionate and confidential care from the comfort and ease of your home or office, not the impersonal and apathetic care you have come to expect from hospital emergency rooms and clinics. Your care will be provided by an experienced primary care physician who specializes in house call medicine.

You are encouraged to take part in the decisions that affect your health. Options will be offered and explanations will be given in a professional and easy to understand manner.

There are no insurance companies to deal with. Our fees are extremely reasonable and in many cases less than many insurance company deductables.